Meet Washimi From Aggretsuko

Washimi’s Personality

Washimi is a confident and assertive character in the Netflix anime Aggretsuko. She is a secretary bird who works as the secretary to the president of the company, and she takes her job very seriously. Washimi is very proud of her position and is always willing to help those around her, but she can also be very critical of those who do not meet her high standards.

Washimi’s Relationships with Other Characters

  • Retsuko: Washimi and Retsuko have a friendly relationship, and Washimi often gives Retsuko advice on how to navigate the corporate world. While Washimi can be critical of Retsuko’s work, she also encourages her to be confident and assertive.
  • Gori: Washimi and Gori are close friends and often work together to support each other in their jobs. While Gori is more laid-back than Washimi, the two complement each other well and have a strong bond.
  • Ton: Washimi does not have a close relationship with Ton, as she finds him to be lazy and unprofessional. However, she still treats him with respect and tries to motivate him to work harder.
  • Kabae: Washimi is polite to Kabae, but she finds her to be annoying and unprofessional. Despite this, she still tries to help Kabae improve her work and be more productive.