Meet Joey From Aggretsuko

Personality of Joey

Joey is a lovable and charming character who is known for his carefree and easygoing personality. He is often portrayed as the least intelligent member of the group, but makes up for it with his good looks and sense of humor. Joey is also known for his love of food and women, and is often seen chasing after both.

Joey’s Relationships with Other Characters

  • Chandler Bing: Joey’s best friend and roommate. The two have a close bond and often engage in playful banter and pranks.
  • Ross Geller: Joey’s other close friend. The two have a brotherly relationship, but also compete for the attention of women.
  • Monica Geller: Joey’s friend and Chandler’s love interest turned wife. Joey often makes inappropriate comments and jokes towards her, but they still have a friendly relationship.
  • Rachel Green: Joey’s love interest and friend. The two have a brief romantic relationship, but ultimately decide to remain friends.
  • Phoebe Buffay: Joey’s friend and occasional love interest. The two have a playful relationship and often engage in silly antics together.