Meet Tsunoda From Aggretsuko

Tsunoda’s Personality in Aggretsuko

Tsunoda is a character in the Netflix anime Aggretsuko. She is portrayed as a bubbly and outgoing character who is always eager to please her superiors. Tsunoda is very ambitious and is always looking for ways to climb the corporate ladder. She is also very competitive and often tries to outdo her colleagues.

Tsunoda’s Relationship to Other Characters in Aggretsuko

  • Tsunoda is a colleague of Retsuko, the main character in Aggretsuko. Although they work in the same department, Tsunoda is often portrayed as Retsuko’s rival.
  • Tsunoda is also friends with Fenneko, another colleague of Retsuko. Fenneko often provides sarcastic commentary on Tsunoda’s behavior.
  • Tsunoda is often seen trying to impress her boss, Ton. She is very eager to please him and often goes out of her way to get his attention.