Meet Retsuko From Aggretsuko

Personality of Retsuko

Retsuko is a red panda who works as an accountant in a Japanese trading firm. She is depicted as a shy, introverted and polite character who often bottles up her emotions. However, she has a secret side to her personality where she vents her frustrations by singing death metal karaoke.

Retsuko’s Relationship to Other Characters

  • Ton – Retsuko’s boss who is a chauvinistic and demanding pig. Retsuko often feels frustrated and belittled by him.
  • Fenneko – Retsuko’s close friend and co-worker who is a fennec fox. Fenneko is often sarcastic and observant, but cares deeply for Retsuko.
  • Haida – Retsuko’s crush and co-worker who is a hyena. Haida is kind and supportive of Retsuko, but struggles to express his feelings for her.
  • Gori and Washimi – Retsuko’s senior co-workers who are a gorilla and an eagle, respectively. They are both successful and confident, but also care for Retsuko and offer her guidance.