Meet Director Ton From Aggretsuko

Personality of Director Ton

Director Ton is portrayed as a typical corporate executive who is focused on the bottom line and achieving success at any cost. He is often seen as ruthless and demanding, with little regard for the well-being of his employees. He is also depicted as being highly competitive and willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead.

Director Ton’s Relationship to Other Characters

  • Retsuko: Director Ton is Retsuko’s boss and often puts pressure on her to perform at a high level. He is critical of her work and does not hesitate to reprimand her when he feels she is not meeting expectations.
  • Haida: Director Ton does not interact with Haida much, but he is aware of his presence in the office. He sees Haida as just another employee and does not treat him any differently than the others.
  • Gori and Washimi: Director Ton has a good working relationship with Gori and Washimi. He respects their abilities and often seeks their advice on important matters.