Meet Komiya From Aggretsuko

Komiya’s Personality

Komiya is a character in the Netflix anime Aggretsuko. She is portrayed as a manipulative and cunning person who is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Komiya is also shown to be very confident and self-assured, which can sometimes come across as arrogant or condescending to others.

Komiya’s Relationship to Other Characters

  • Retsuko: Komiya initially befriends Retsuko, but later reveals her true nature by stealing Retsuko’s idea and taking credit for it. This causes a rift between the two characters.
  • Tadano: Komiya is shown to have a romantic interest in Tadano, which creates tension between her and Retsuko.
  • Haida: Komiya and Haida do not interact much in the show, but it is implied that Haida does not trust Komiya and sees through her manipulative nature.