Meet Anai From Aggretsuko

Anai’s Personality

Anai is a new employee at Retsuko’s company. He is introverted, socially awkward, and has a tendency to overthink things. He is also easily offended and can become aggressive when he feels disrespected or mistreated.

Anai’s Relationship to Other Characters

  • Retsuko: Anai initially sees Retsuko as a potential friend, but becomes jealous of her relationship with Haida and begins to resent her.
  • Haida: Anai is envious of Haida’s friendship with Retsuko and sees him as a threat. He becomes obsessed with proving that Haida is not a good friend to Retsuko.
  • Tadano: Anai is intimidated by Tadano’s intelligence and success, but also admires him. He sees Tadano as a role model and hopes to learn from him.
  • Director Ton: Anai initially respects Director Ton, but becomes disillusioned when he realizes that Ton is not as kind and understanding as he seems.