Meet Tsubone From Aggretsuko

Tsubone’s Personality

Tsubone is a serious and hardworking secretary who takes her job seriously. She is often seen wearing a stern expression and rarely shows emotion. She is dedicated to her work and is willing to go to great lengths to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Tsubone’s Relationship to Other Characters

  • Retsuko: Tsubone is Retsuko’s supervisor and is often seen giving her tasks to complete. While she is strict with Retsuko, she also cares about her well-being and has shown concern for her in the past.
  • Ton: Tsubone is often seen working closely with Ton and the two have a professional relationship. While they don’t interact much outside of work, they respect each other’s skills and work well together.
  • Director Ton: Tsubone is loyal to Director Ton and is willing to do whatever it takes to help him achieve his goals. She is often seen carrying out his orders and ensuring that everything runs smoothly in the office.