Meet Resasuke From Aggretsuko

Personality of Resasuke

Resasuke is a quiet and reserved character in Aggretsuko. He is often seen reading books and is not very talkative. He is also very kind and caring, as seen when he helps Haida with his love problems.

Resasuke’s Relationship to Other Characters

  • Aggretsuko: Resasuke is a coworker of Aggretsuko, but they do not interact much.
  • Haida: Resasuke helps Haida with his love problems, showing that they have a good relationship.
  • Fenneko: Resasuke and Fenneko do not interact much, but Fenneko seems to be curious about him.
  • Tadano: Resasuke and Tadano do not interact much, but Tadano seems to be aware of Resasuke’s personality.