Meet Kusuo From Aggretsuko

Kusuo’s Personality

Kusuo is a calm and collected character who prefers to keep to himself. He is highly intelligent and often uses his intellect to solve problems. Kusuo is also highly empathetic and is able to understand the emotions of others, which makes him a good listener.

Kusuo’s Relationship to Other Characters

  • Retsuko: Kusuo and Retsuko have a friendly relationship, but Kusuo is often too absorbed in his own thoughts to pay much attention to her.
  • Haida: Kusuo and Haida are acquaintances, but Kusuo does not seem to have much interest in him.
  • Gori and Washimi: Kusuo is on good terms with Gori and Washimi, but he does not interact with them often.
  • Tadano: Kusuo and Tadano have a strong friendship based on their shared intelligence and interests.