Meet Fenneko From Aggretsuko

Fenneko’s Personality

Fenneko is a cynical and sarcastic red fox who works in the same accounting department as Retsuko. She is often seen browsing the internet on her computer and making snarky comments about her coworkers. Despite her aloof and sometimes cold demeanor, Fenneko is a loyal friend to Retsuko and is always there to offer her support and advice.

Fenneko’s Relationship to Other Characters

  • Retsuko: Fenneko is one of Retsuko’s closest friends at work. She is often the first person Retsuko turns to when she needs to vent about her job or personal life. Fenneko is supportive of Retsuko’s dreams and encourages her to pursue her passions.
  • Haida: Fenneko and Haida have a playful and teasing relationship. Fenneko often teases Haida about his crush on Retsuko, but it is clear that she cares for him as a friend.
  • Tsunoda: Fenneko and Tsunoda have a strained relationship. Fenneko finds Tsunoda’s constant need for attention and validation annoying and often makes snarky comments about her behind her back.